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13 Essential Rules for Understanding the World | Basim Magdy

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Was the first hip-hop album I ever listened to and I have to say happily that it still feels so natural to me as a go to.

When it was shown to me I had been listening to so much simplistic, loud, repetitive, hardcore punk bands, and the occaisional indie rock bands. It nearly leaped from the headphones when Genesis kicked it off. It was aggressive but laid back, the beat was clear  but it was relaxed. Life’s a bitch and then you die. LIVE IN THE NOW. DON’T GET CAUGHT UP. It was mindblowing for a kid who had never been acquainted with hip-hop before. It took all the emotions I felt motivated me to look to street punk and hardcore but it confronted them head on lyrically with powerful imagery that could not be denied.

God damn if it still ain’t fuckin great.

What’s punker than punk. NOT PUNK.

Who’s world is this?


Sleater-Kinney announce new album, share song. Carrie Brownstein tells us the time was right to reunite

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To stone before picking up test results or not to stone.

This is the question.


The Bus | Paul Kirchner | Via

This is so applicable to my life.



My hero

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Eat it before it Hydes. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Burger jusqu’au 11 Novembre 2013 au Calamar (Genève)


Eat it before it Hydes. 
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Burger jusqu’au 11 Novembre 2013 
au Calamar (Genève)


Casper The Friendly Ghost - To Boo or Not to Boo (1951)

or Post Ghost Falls in Love (2014) n0thanx amirite?